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Case Study - Else Nutrition
How PointStory generated positive impact on ROAS and Sales.


Increase in ROAS


Increase in attributed orders


Increase in Clicks


Ad Impressions


While the brand was growing on Amazon it was at the expense of a relatively high AcoS which was driven by a large number of targets with low clicks, not enough to provide a good enough signal on how to proceed.


Pointstory was in charge of launching Else Nutrition, a globally patented, plant-based alternative formula for toddlers on the Amazon marketplace. The brand operates in a highly competitive category which includes major brands such as Gerber, Similac and Enfamil.


The team focused on driving traffic using exploratory campaigns with wide reach. The strategy was to generate traffic and capture terms that resonated with the shoppers as well as top products in the toddler nutrition space. This approach helped the client in getting traffic and understanding the targets that resonated with the shoppers. Advertising played a major role in the launch tactics and included a combination of ad types and techniques necessary for generating brand awareness and initial sales traction.

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