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Effective July 1st, 2020.
As a Company, PointStory values the privacy of users who visit our website. This website privacy policy outlines the types of data we collect when you visit and why.



PointStory is an independent digital advertising agency located in Seattle, Washington. We work with companies both local to the Seattle area and all over the US. Our mission is to be working smarter with you.


Standard log information (IP address, access times and pages visited) is collected by Data of this type is used to continue stable operation of server-based data, optimize site performance, and as a record for privacy and security measures.

CONTENT LINKED FROM OTHER WEBSITES includes content like videos and graphic files that are embedded from 3rd party sites like Content embedded through 3rd party websites on to maybe be tracking and collecting user browsing and click behavior data, drop cookies and the specific ways in which you engage with that 3rd party content. This browsing and engagement data may be linked to you if you have an account with the 3rd party content provider. may also include links to external websites and related social media channels (like our LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook pages). The PointStory Privacy Policy is not applicable to sites we external link to. If you clink to a link that is external to our site, it is recommended that you find the privacy policy created for those individual sites.



When arriving at, your computer collects a cookie, a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing.

The web browser you use should include an option to delete any or all cookies you choose. It should also enable you to limit or prevent their use entirely.

The cookies we use on include but are not limited to Google Analytics and Facebook.



Google Analytics is a web analytics tool offered by Google, inc. ( to help site owners analyze their website traffic. Through the use of cookies and site monitoring, Google Analytics allows us to understand and optimize user experience and content by building metrics like time on site, the last page a user accesses before leaving the site and what path they take to access data.

Google Analytics full privacy and data policy can be found here.  Google has created a tool that allows web users to completely opt-out from being included in Google Analytics data, that tool can be downloaded here:

To Link Your Activity on Our Websites to Your Social Networks – We have added certain features to our websites and mobile applications that allow Facebook to track the activities of their members or collect certain information when they use our website or mobile applications. If you are concerned about the way a social network is tracking your activity, please contact the social network or review its privacy policy. For example, you can review Facebook’s data-use policy at

There may be additional 3rd party analytics and usage statistics service providers we use to gain additional insight into web usage.




All questions regarding privacy and web data policy can be directed to

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