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Digital Growth Agency + PubGenius = PointStory

Grow your brand with us

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How we can help you


Combine the art and science of story-telling

Your brand story is unique to you, and an important part of your brand identity.  Through our scientific research, we add key elements to your product listings to give them a boost in organic ranking and conversions.


Connect your brand to hearts and minds

New customer acquisition is a continuous process through driving awareness, advertising, and customer interactions.  We are here to optimize every step of the customer journey.


Turn prospects into fans

Positive engagements with customers are often shared with everyone.  We improve the rate of reviews, likes, and follows to build brand loyal fans.

Increase your ROI

Through content optimization, advertising execution, prospecting, and discovering hidden audiences, we will increase the ROI.


Case Studies

How Pointstory increased revenue while decreasing acos for a leading health and beauty brand
How PointStory improved ROAs while growing ad impressions for Else Nutrition
Pointstory fixes complex retail problems for health and personal care brand.  Revenue jumps immediat

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