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During a strategic discussion about a challenge Leszek's client faced, the future founders of Pointstory.io realized the synergy of their experiences and skills. Tik, with his deep-rooted background in digital agencies, and Leszek, whose last stint in corporate America was with Amazon, found common ground in their distinctive expertise and a shared passion for commerce.

Their diverse experiences converge seamlessly in Pointstory.io - Tik brings his proficiency in programmatic ads and content work, while Leszek contributes his multidisciplinary experience, highlighted by his role in product management for Amazon's self-service solutions. United in their vision, they firmly believe in providing an unparalleled value proposition to clients. As they continue their hands-on approach, Tik and Leszek constantly strive to offer innovative solutions across digital touch points, enhancing their client's journey in the dynamic digital marketplace.


At Point Story, our mission is to empower digital brands by providing them with the latest and most effective digital tools and consulting services available. We are committed to delivering a personalized, boutique experience to our clients while utilizing the most cutting-edge digital advertising technology to provide scalable and programmatic solutions. Our goal is to be the go-to digital eCommerce agency for brands across all categories, helping them to achieve their business objectives and thrive in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace.


Our vision at Point Story is to be the premier digital eCommerce agency that transforms the way digital brands do business. We strive to revolutionize the industry by continuously pushing the boundaries of digital technology, providing unparalleled personalized service, and empowering brands with innovative solutions that drive growth, profitability, and customer loyalty. By staying ahead of the curve and anticipating market trends, we aim to become the go-to partner for brands looking to succeed in the dynamic and ever-changing digital landscape.

Core values

Accountability & Ownership

We take responsibility for our actions and decisions. We hold ourselves and others accountable for delivering on commitments and meeting high standards. We take ownership of our work and roles, treating the company as if it were our own.

Transparency & Trust

We communicate openly and honestly with our colleagues, customers, and partners, sharing information in a clear and timely manner. We build trust through integrity, reliability, and consistent performance.

Respect & Inclusivity

We treat everyone with kindness, respect, and empathy, fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. We work together to create a positive and supportive environment for all, without tolerating disrespectful behavior.

Achievement Orientation

We are driven by a focus on outcomes and achieving measurable results for our customers and our business. We continuously strive for excellence in everything we do.

Proactivity & Innovation

We are proactive, decisive, and embrace a culture of experimentation and learning. We take bold actions to drive innovation and growth.

Ambition & Vision

We are ambitious and forward-thinking, setting audacious goals and pursuing big opportunities. We challenge ourselves to think creatively and outside the box.


With a start in eCommerce in 2005, Leszek has navigated through various Fortune 500 companies, honing his skills in usability design to product management and scaling self-service ad products at Amazon. At PointStory, he combines his strategic planning expertise to help brands scale across digital platforms. Leszek holds an MBA from the University of Virginia and a BS from Missouri State University.


Tik’s journey in digital retail began in 2005, driving sales strategies for Fortune 500 brands and gaining early access to Amazon's Sponsored Products. His record of $1.2 billion sales and managing $85 million ad spend led to co-founding PointStory, where he and Leszek strategize growth for domestic and international brands.

Tik Li

Evolution of Pointstory

  • Formation
    Tik and Leszek form PointStory after recognizing their synergies during a collaboration.
  • Early Growth
    The team surpasses initial revenue goals and obtains an Amazon DSP seat for targeted media solutions.
  • Partnership
    PointStory joins the Amazon Advertising Partner Program, accessing new features and insights.
  • Innovation
    The launch of Performance Insights IQ offers free, in-depth Amazon business analyses for brands.
  • Collaboration
    By joining the Buy with Prime Partner Program, PointStory provides early feature access and advanced support to partners.

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