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Resolving Retail Issues and Driving Growth: A Case Study on a Health and Fitness Brand


Pointstory specializes in solving complex retail problems for health and personal care brands. In this case, Pointstory successfully resolved the challenges and witnessed significant improvements in key performance metrics. This case study showcases how effective problem-solving and strategic advertising can lead to substantial growth and profitability.


A Health and Fitness brand encountered retail issues when their product variant names were incorrectly changed, despite being brand registered. A bug on Amazon’s end prevented the standard methods of updating size and color from producing the expected results. As a result, sales declined by 20-30% due to this error.


  1. Resolve unconventional retail issues while maintaining profitability through advertising.
  2. Drive growth and increase sales for the brand’s products.


Pointstory devised a solution to address the unique retail challenges faced by the brand. The strategy involved identifying and resolving issues related to ghost ASINs and incorrect variant names. The following steps were taken to rectify the situation:

  1. Engaging Amazon Support: Recognizing that this issue required direct communication with Amazon support, Pointstory made numerous calls to address the problem. Through these calls, they aimed to escalate the issue and reach support personnel with the necessary expertise to resolve the complex problem.
  2. Tiered Support Approach: The team realized that there were different tiers of support personnel. By persistently seeking support from experienced personnel, they increased the likelihood of finding a resolution for the complicated issues faced by the brand.
  3. Resolving Ghost ASINs: After reaching a tier two support person, it was discovered that ghost ASINs were created and linked to the existing ASINs. This caused incorrect size and color attributes to be associated with the products. The team worked with Amazon support to detach the ghost ASINs from the existing ASINs. They created new offers and attached them to the ghost ASINs. Subsequently, the listings were deleted, a waiting period of 24 hours was observed, and a bulk upload sheet with the correct information was reuploaded. This process was repeated for the remaining 44 ASINs.


  1. Increase in Unit Session %: Following the resolution of the retail issues, the brand experienced a significant 25% increase in the Unit Session %. This improvement reflected a higher level of engagement and interest from potential customers, leading to increased visibility and product interaction.
  2. Decrease in ACoS: The resolution of the retail issues resulted in a notable 10% decrease in Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS). This reduction in ACoS allowed for a more aggressive advertising approach while maintaining profitability, maximizing the impact of advertising efforts.
  3. Increase in Ordered Product Sales: As a direct result of the successful resolution of the retail issues and the subsequent advertising optimization, the brand observed a remarkable 20% increase in ordered product sales. This growth in sales represented a significant improvement in top-line revenue within just a few weeks.


By effectively resolving unconventional retail issues through persistent communication with Amazon support and employing a strategic approach, Pointstory successfully addressed the challenges faced by the brand. The resolution of ghost ASINs and the correction of variant names resulted in improved key performance metrics. The brand experienced a 25% increase in Unit Session %, a 10% decrease in ACoS, and a 20% boost in ordered product sales. This case study highlights the importance of problem-solving, effective communication with support teams, and strategic advertising in overcoming retail hurdles and driving growth and profitability for health and personal care brands.