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Driving Profitable Revenue for Home Décor Brand through PromoteIQ Advertising


This case study explores how a Home Décor Brand successfully increased its market share and profitability on Home Depot by utilizing PromoteIQ as an advertising platform. Facing challenges with running ads on Home Depot directly, the brand sought the expertise of PointStory to devise a strategy and build campaigns that would drive profitable revenue. The following sections detail the goals, solution, and the remarkable results achieved within just 30 days.


The Home Décor Brand had previously listed its products on Home Depot but experienced limited success with their advertising efforts on the platform. Despite their presence, the brand struggled to effectively promote its products, leading to suboptimal market share and profitability.


  1. Increase market share on Home Depot: The Home Décor Brand aimed to expand its presence and gain a larger share of the market on the Home Depot platform.
  2. Maintain profitability: It was crucial for the brand to achieve growth while ensuring that the advertising efforts remained profitable.


To address the challenges faced by the Home Décor Brand, PointStory, a trusted marketing agency, was engaged to devise a comprehensive strategy and build effective campaigns on PromoteIQ, an alternative advertising platform on Home Depot. The following steps were taken:

  1. Needs Assessment: PointStory conducted an in-depth analysis of the client’s requirements, taking into account their target audience, competitors, and product offerings. This assessment formed the foundation for the subsequent strategy development.
  2. Strategy Development: Based on the needs assessment, PointStory developed a tailored strategy that aligned with the client’s goals and aimed to drive profitable revenue. The strategy encompassed campaign objectives, target audience segmentation, ad formats, and budget allocation.
  3. Campaign Creation: PointStory leveraged their expertise in digital marketing to create impactful and engaging ad campaigns on PromoteIQ. These campaigns were designed to maximize the brand’s visibility, attract potential customers, and drive conversions. Ad creatives, ad copy, and targeting parameters were optimized for optimal performance.


The implementation of the strategy and campaigns on PromoteIQ produced exceptional results within just 30 days. The Home Décor Brand witnessed the following significant improvements:

  1. 270% Increase in Average Daily Revenue: The implementation of the PromoteIQ advertising campaigns resulted in a remarkable 270% increase in the brand’s average daily revenue. This surge in revenue demonstrated the effectiveness of the new advertising approach.
  2. 11x Total Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): The PromoteIQ campaigns delivered an impressive 11x return on ad spend, surpassing the client’s expectations. This metric indicated that for every dollar invested in advertising, the brand generated eleven dollars in revenue.


By leveraging the expertise of PointStory and utilizing PromoteIQ as an advertising platform, the Home Décor Brand successfully achieved its goals of increasing market share while maintaining profitability on Home Depot. The implementation of a tailored strategy and optimized campaigns resulted in a remarkable 270% increase in average daily revenue and an 11x return on ad spend within just 30 days. This case study exemplifies the power of effective advertising strategies and the impact they can have on a brand’s success in the competitive home décor industry.