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BIG NEWS! Amazon Introduces the “Brand Referral Bonus”

The Brand Referral Bonus is a new program launched on 7/15/2021 that allows US Seller Brand Owners to earn a bonus for product sales driven by traffic that originates off of Amazon. Earn an average of 10% of your product sales for any sales that are generated through traffic driven through Facebook, Google, and other sources that are unaffiliated with Amazon. With referral fees at around 15% for most categories, you can potentially decrease your referral rates to 5% for these externally driven sales. This is a program currently only available for US Sellers.

Star earning the Amazon Seller Brand Referral Bonus in 6 steps

1. Update your user permissions to allow access to Brand Referral Bonus

2. Enroll in the Brand Referral Bonus program (

3. Register for Amazon Attribution (

4. Set up Amazon Attribution measurement across your non-Amazon marketing campaigns.

5. Launch your campaigns and visit the Amazon Attribution Report Center to review your campaign results.

6. View your earned bonus on a monthly basis in the Transaction Details page of your Seller account. Or download your weekly Brand Referral Bonus Report in Seller Central.

*There is a 2-month lag time. A bonus registered in July will be received in September.