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Home Decor Brand Wins On Home Depot With PointStory

Home Décor brand sees early wins with PointStory approach to growth on through PromoteIQ.

Full funnel advertising is becoming ever so important as emerging channels carve out their own advertising marketplace, each with its own nuances and capabilities. PromoteIQ is the technology behind Home Depot’s advertising, and through PointStory’s strategy and execution, in just 30 days we drove early successes that has the brand increasing their inventory and re-calibrating marketing strategy for the next 3 – 12 months.

Approach – At the beginning of the engagement, we had a discussion with the brand to understand their catalog, margins, promotions, and goals. Based on this, we were able to craft a short-term strategy to promote their top products to an audience that appears to best match the brand’s customer profile.

Execution and Testing – By separating audiences into their own campaigns, we were able to test each audience’s performance. Within a couple of weeks’ time, we were able to see enough data to start making optimizations.

Results – Within the first 30 days, we targeted 30% of their catalog, and grew top-line sales on Home Depot by 197% with over a 4x return on ad spend.

Next steps – The brand is now eager to test other categories, to expand our advertising capabilities to a bigger portion of their catalog.

If you’re interested in testing a small portion of your catalog against our services, we can craft a 30 – 90 day test against a small set of products to demonstrate our strategy and execution. Due to the high demand for this test, we are currently accepting brands for a Q2 trial. Please reach out to to get started.