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SD – Views FAQ and tactical deep dive

Available to sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry, Sponsored Display re-engages audiences with ads on mobile, desktop, and apps off Amazon. Your brand’s ads are shown to audiences who have viewed the detail pages of your products or similar products but have not yet made a purchase. The look-back window is 30 days and is not customizable. When products are added to your ad campaign, Sponsored Display automatically creates your ad creative. SD then promotes the most relevant products with the best possibility of producing a conversion depending on the audience. It is an easy way to achieve the results you want by expanding display advertising reach and employing automatic bidding.

Using Views Audience Tactic customers see your ads if they have previously viewed your page and also if they have viewed similar products. Sponsored Display reaches audiences browsing on and off of Amazon, meaning your ads will reach viewers who are not actively shopping when they see your ad. This leads to less click-through and more conversions.

When starting a new campaign using the Views Audience Tactic the default bid value is set to $1.00. This is a great place to start. Edit it anytime after the launch to make sure your bid aligns with your target ACoS and product price margins. The bid is the amount you are willing to pay when audiences click on your ads. If your advertising cost of sales is above target, reduce your bid until generating acceptable campaign results. When the ACoS is below target, feel free to increase your bid amount to drive more clicks and orders until your campaign performance is on target. Depending on the likeliness of a sale, dynamic bidding will increase or decrease your bid.

A common misconception is that increasing your bids will lead to more sales. While this may lead to more impressions and more traffic, it does not guarantee sales will increase at the same rate. Advertisers do not necessarily need to increase bids because bids are automatically increased when particular audiences show a high chance of converting.

If you find that your budget is running out too quickly, reduce your bids to bring down the average CPC, thus reducing the scale. This allows SD to continue to show ads while keeping within your set budget. Healthier ACoS results from decreasing bids. Aim to advertise and remarket products with the highest detail page views. This can trigger more ad impressions when targeting views with SD. Conversion Rate and ASP (average selling price) are metrics to watch that will drive good sales.

SD ads will not serve if you are not the featured offer. When selecting ASINs to advertise, ensure and check that your products are the featured offer on a regular basis. Otherwise, your ads may not be eligible to serve. To be eligible, a product must meet ad policy guidelines. It is the featured offer on the product detail page and has detail page views over the last 30 days.

If you would like to show variations for your products (shoe sizes, colors) add them all to your campaign. SD will not show ads for variations that are not specifically included in your campaigns.

SD ads will be shown to two audiences: those who viewed the advertised product and those who viewed similar products. Similar products are defined by “shoppers who viewed this item also viewed”. You can separate “product views” and “similar product views” bids and reporting metrics. Using Amazons algorithm serves as a good illustrator of what similar products to target by reviewing “compare with similar items” or “shoppers who viewed this item also viewed”. Dynamic bidding is still used for both audiences. ASINs in the same ad group will be subject to the same bid. The one that is more favorable and has the highest probability of driving a sale will be chosen to fill the ad space.

Remember, creatives are auto generated and only include products you have selected to advertise.

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