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Sponsored Display – Behavioral Audience Targeting LAUNCHED

In Late Q4, 2020, Amazon Advertising – Sponsored Display launched a new wave of behavioral Audience Targeting. Within the United States, we saw changes in the way sellers, brands, owners, vendors, and agencies remarket operations on the Amazon Marketplace. With this release, advertisers unlocked new customizable ways to integrate with audiences viewing products and services.

Here is a Sponsored Ads display targeting a complimentary product

What’s important about this release? First and foremost there is now more scale. This is intended to broadly market to shoppers who not only view products similar to yours but also to market to those looking at ANY product detail page in any category or browse node. If you are trying to compete within a product category or against competitive brands it is now possible to create audiences based on certain types of consumer behaviors of your competitor’s brands. If you are trying to showcase your complimentary product against another product, this is now possible.

For example, let’s say you want to advertise your new shoe polish. If a customer is on the marketplace looking for their normal shoe polish, they can also be engaged with your shoe polish creating active interest in your product. On top of that, these new features allow advertisers to showcase their product when consumers view a product that is complementary to theirs. If you want customers to see your shoe polish whenever they search for leather shoes, this is easily accomplished with the increased scalability.

More features include customizable branding features. These increase the ability to create unique headlines and logos that better tell your brand story. With an improved integrator experience, you can make sure the layout and design are perfect for your strategy. Once completed, these new ad placements will be viewable on Amazon, Amazon-owned sites such as Washington Post and IMDB, Amazon partner sites such as Yahoo and AOL, and contextually relevant sites across the web.

Competition is fierce and about to get more so. This is a powerful tool, and ever-so important to become an early adopter of this feature. Every advantage creates leverage in the marketplace. Use these new features to out-market your competition in this fierce marketplace. Contact PointStory today for a consultation about your digital marketing strategy.